Monday, January 4, 2010

Don't Laugh...

...but I am a major nerd.

It's a new year and every new year, I feel like I ought to purge and clean. There are additional incentives for me to do that this year. This morning as I was driving into work, it randomly occurred to me that this lab protocol manual that I worked with in college, is no longer relevant to my current job and my life, in general. Well, it really was no longer relevant as soon as I graduated, a decade ago. So, for a decade, this thing has travelled with me through two moves and three different offices. Really?

But, it's science. I developed my own experimental protocol from this little book. It has a cool picture of frog and uses big, scientific words. I love it!

Ah, well, now it's sitting in the recycling bin... I think it's a good move...

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