Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I prefer Etsy's over mine...





Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Stayed Tuned, Kids...

Good news first.  I was able to sell my beautiful, beloved, red, leather chaise via Craigslist!  I'm always a little wary of using that venue- even though it's easy, fast and free.  I got a whopping total of three responses.  The first one, asked me for my name, DOB, address and phone number (I'm surprised he didn't just ask ask me for my SS# and bank account numbers and pins) in order to send me a cashiers check via US mail.  Um, scam, anyone?  The second person dropped off the face of my planet after three emails were exchanged.  Third time's the charm!  A SUPER nice woman inquired about the piece, showed up early on Sunday morning with an extra set of muscles and helping hands and her own truck and cash.  She fell in love with the chaise and took it on the spot.

Sweet!  The best part, is that someone now is going to love it as much as I did.

Now, there is a gaping hole in the studio.  Well, it's a small studio.  So not really a gaping hole.  More like a little pinhole of a space...  I've ordered my bookshelf and wheelie desk from CB2 and will pick up later this week from the San Francisco store.  I'm focused on the functional aspects of how the space will be arranged, but that's all good.  After that, if I still have a little room left over, I may get another plant.

Good things to come.  I'll post pictures of my revamped space soon!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Saturday Farmer's Market Delights

The bounty from the trip to the Alemany's Farmer's Market.  It's a great feeling to get your week's worth of food (good, tasty and fresh food) in one place.

Delightful blueberries and absolutely delicious and juicy!

Fresh basil- so fragrant and spicy- for just $1 dollar a bunch.

It's tomatoes galore at the farmer's market.  Some red darlings next to prickly-looking bittermelon.

The mushroom booth has some of the coolest looking produce ever.  All colors and shapes are represented there.  Hard to take for granted, what special treats mushrooms are, when you consider that most of the varieties out there can possibly kill you!

Grumpy, Frumpy Mondays...

Etsy says it all...






Friday, August 21, 2009


My major in college was microbiology.  It's about one of the simplest, but most fascinating class of organisms ever.

Random fact: did you know that about 50% of the mass of your poop is bacteria???

Sorry if that was a little TMI.

Still, interesting, isn't it?

Here is a snapshot of a search on "bacteria" in etsy.  Great people + great imaginations = great results.

(above: chebang)

(above: ulixis)

(above: scientificculture)


(above: lipeony)

My major in college was microbiology.  It's about one of the simplest, but most fascinating class of organisms ever.

Random fact: did you know that about 50% of the mass of your poop is bacteria???

Sorry if that was a little TMI.

Still, interesting, isn't it?

Here is a snapshot of a search on "bacteria" in etsy.  Great people + great imaginations = great results.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Musts and Lusts

The following items are what I must/lust to add to my studio.  I've been thinking of re-doing the place- sort of funny because I've had it for such a short while.  I currently have my beloved red, leather chaise (which I may need to give the boot).  It isn't however, the best use of space in a space-limited space!  I've been seeing all sorts of different workspace re-designs by many talented decorators and their cleverness have been quite inspiring.

Of course, if/when I get rid of the chaise, there will be no need for those pillows.  I just love the owl one, SO much.  It will need to find a place in my home!

Found these various great, space-saving pieces on CB2.  After several months of pondering, it makes sense to have the green go-cart to serve as a movable workspace, small enough to maneuver within the studio.  I like the stream-lined, architectural bookcase, which will be a great was of using vertical space for storing my many jewelry-making items and equipment.

Time to get working on that- one of many, many projects...


I think it's funny- that for the past ten years (since I was 20),  I've been getting solicitations from AARP.  And they won't stop!  I've gotten offers for vacations, watches, jewelry and insurance, if I were to sign up with their services.  Within the decade-long solicitation, I've moved three times and they still manage to find me!


Friday, August 14, 2009

Cut It Out!

Some productive studio time! Yay! I always love it when that happens. I made a 3.0 version of the Botanicus line- something that is simpler, daintier and easy to throw on with anything in one's wardrobe.

Oh the joy of sharp tools! I played around with the basics. Found an opportunity to use some rectangular sterling sheet scrap (say that five times really fast!) laying around. It was good to practice and hone some basic jeweler's skills- sawing, cutting and sanding. I love how simple and elegant this piece turned out. Sometimes all I really want to create is a minimal and elegant piece- not too flashy or distracting but something that's comfortable and can become a familiar, favorite piece.

This piece will become the start of a new line called Cut It Out! This will be a good personal study on negative space and creating simple, yet honest images.


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lust, Caution, EBay

I've "discovered" the joys and the pains of surfing EBay for all its digitally buried treasures.  My intention was to find some unique jewelry findings to incorporate into my designs.  Well, one thing led to another and, well, here we have it.

I am salivating for these vintage pieces below.

The first bracelet is by a Canadian designer, Robert Lari.  I adore the sculptural design.  It conjures (for me) images of ancient Mayan ruins paired with modern, organic shapes.  It's so multi-dimensional and ancient-y to me.

The second bracelet is from Finland, by an Erik Granit.  It's also a sterling silver piece with a very simple hook-closure at one side of the row of silver balls.  This little darling piece fills my head with all sorts of images- peas in a pod, silver pearls, phagocytosis, mitochondria and nuclei.  (oops- a little bit of left-brain spillage!).  And it's only (!!!) $500 something.  Holy moly!

And last (for this posting) but not least, this little owl pin is fabulous and adorable.  I don't wear pins.  Sometimes I think I should.  But I also know, that the probability of me stabbing myself at some point with it on my person is very high.  Perhaps that's why I've never even made much of an attempt to do so...  If I were a pin-person, I would bid for this little baby in a heart beat.

Well, I DID make a purchase and a bid for two items.  I'm excited to see it in person.  I've never purchased anything off of EBay before.  But I've heard wonderful things.  Perhaps next time, I'll be finding some of those finding I had intended on getting in the first place!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Good Read

Decided to pick up a new book from my "To Be Read" pile last night and I couldn't put it down until I finished the very last sentence.  I'm not that into telling people what to read- I like what I like- a very random, eclectic, sometimes serious and sometimes silly collection of book genres.  Reading is a very personal thing to me.  I think I am compelled to read two lifetimes worth of books, if that makes any sense at all.

This is for those who might like to check out something different.  I think it's more for the ladies, it may not be quite the thing for anyone out there who is squeamish.  The language is simples, the characters are compelling and real and complex.

Definitely a good read.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Sicky Sicky

I've been a sick girl these past several days.  In many of the dreams that came along with my feverish state, I dreamt of the beautiful moments in Kauai...

This was taken at a cool little beach (i can't remember where- i was the driver, not the navigator on that trip!).  You had to wade through that bit of water before reaching a lovely swimming beach.  That bit of water turned out to be somewhat treacherous though- with several fallen, dead and sunken trees and corresponding branches.  There was a ton of muck at the bottom too, from dead leaves and other bits of organic matter.  Were it not such a beautiful place, my imagination would have run-away with images of skeletal branchy hands rising from the murky detritus towards my ankles... 

Anyway- this picture definitely cheered me on through the flu this past weekend!  Hope you enjoy it too!