Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Back in Business

I've been out of commission (again) for a super long time. The boy and I have just gotten back from a six-week long trip in Europe. We spent three weeks in Spain and three weeks in Italy. Amazing trip and now that I've returned to my world and back at a computer, I look at my blog and see just how much I've missed during the past month and a half and how I even feel somewhat alien to the blog. Yikes!

We took lots of pics and I'll be posting quite a number of mine. I took about 700 pics (the boy took over 2,000!!!) and no, you will not be subjected to all of them.

The trip involved: flying into Madrid through Munich, from San Francisco. From Madrid, we enjoyed a day trip to Toledo. Then we went further south, to the Andalucia region, to Sevilla, Jerez, Arcos (day trip), Ronda and Granada. From Granada, we took an overnight train up to Barcelona, which was our last stop in Spain.

Our Italy leg started in Pisa, which is a puddle-jumper flight from Barcelona. We took a short day trip to Lucca, before heading down to Florence. We continued down a short bit to Siena, then took a train north to the Cinque Terra and then back down again to Orvieto, before going to our last Italian destination - Rome.

Ah! It was both a long and short trip. Exhausting, but memorable - every bit of it. It was a very special trip.

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