Thursday, September 8, 2011

Big Ups!

I hate waiting for deliveries.  I am one of those people who will sit by the window all day, looking out, if I could.  Every time I hear the sound of a truck passing by, I will pop right up and out of my seat to see if I can spot a glimpse of brown and yellow.  Will the package come?  WHEN will it come?  Will it get sent to the wrong place?  Will I be in the bathroom and miss the knock of the delivery man?  What if I wait all day and the package doesn't come?  And then on top of all that, I get grumpy at feeling like I've been held hostage all day to the house, waiting for something.

Our "fancy" little neighborhood is not immune to crime.  Last year, I had a package delivered while I was out of town for a night.  The UPS man tossed the box over the metal gate.  By the time I got home, all that was left was an open gate and empty box.  Since that experience, I religiously track shipments and arrange my schedule so that I'd be home when I'm expecting.

Today's package is a doozy.  I ordered some new equipment and materials.  Going to take a step into the metal clay world, with options in bronze and steel and copper working.  Yes, there is a small kiln that is due today.  I am so excited and so nervous.  First, about the delivery.  Second, everything else after that. I think I think too much and that's part of my problem.  But that's one of the many things I do and I just can't help it.  Nor can I help how rambling today's post is.

I think I hear a truck.  I need to go check...

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