Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Hola! Again, it's been something like a million years since I've had any postings. Busy, busy, busy. I'd like to say that I'm settling into some semblance of a routine again and will be more consistent, but perhaps that would be jinxing it...

Some photos from my business trip to Berlin. For the business part, I got to stay at this awesome hotel- Grand Hyatt Berlin- uber pantsy fants! I forgot to take pictures of the shower (I know, that sounds weird), the best shower/bathroom EVER. I will have fond memories of that lovely green marble and deep soaking tub. I was able to take ONE vacation day to explore some of the city. Found a cute little hotel near Checkpoint Charlie and on the day off, I walked out of that hotel, to the Holocaust Memorial, past the US Embassy, to the Brandenburg Gate and then traipsed through Tiergarten and got a beer at a little cafe near the Zoological Gardens and hopped in a cab back to the hotel.


this was a sculpture on my floor of the grand hyatt, which you see right when you step off of the elevators. they are pieces of granite, suspended by wired, forming a handing tunnel

checkpoint charlie- this area was a major "tourist trap" with tons of trinkets and stuff for sale.

a remnant of the wall- it took a while to get a clear photograph, as lots of people seemed to like to pose next to this piece of history

the holocaust memorial- famous and entirely impossible to photograph it in its entirety and give it justice.

view of some gorgeous blue skies, from the heart of the memorial

us embassy- the is a snapshot of a corner of the building- which was super cool and modern-looking

brandenburg gate

lovely day for a stroll through the garden- couldn't have asked for better weather.

remember this angel from the movie - wings of desire?

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