Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I'm back!  Well, I've been back from vacation for almost three weeks now.  But of course it's been hectic and busy and I've fallen out of the blogging routine.  Taking a moment to read all the blogs I've missed reading while out of the country and it's a humbling fact: life goes on and on.  Even when I'm not around.  = )

It was a fabulous 1-week in London (my first time) and 2-weeks in France (Loire Valley and Burgundy).  I've been terribly behind on processing pictures.  Primarily because they don't make a lot of sense.  See, I'm not one of those people who will capture images of all the "sights" because sometimes I don't even visit all those sights.  I'm a touring, anti-tourist.  Hubby is way more diligent about seeing the sights and attractions, whereas I'm more of an indolent, meanderer.  But I WILL get to those photos at some point.  In the meanwhile, here's an image that makes me miss France terribly:

lovely house on the outskirts of Sancerre, overlooking vast stretches of vineyards

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