Monday, October 29, 2012

Back From Paradise...

... and not exactly loving it.

The hubby and I had a wonderful, warm, sunny and relaxing week in Maui.  This was our "last" trip of the year.  We plan on staying close to the ground.

During the trip to Maui (my first time) - I had several moments of island frenzy.  A part of me wanted to pick up everything and move there.  Maybe I could round up a few friends that I actually really, really like and convince them to go in on buying a parcel of land.  We would build our own separate living spaces, have a community garden and some goats and bees and I will open a little shop somewhere on the island and sell my jewelry.....

Okay.  That's quite a day-dream I've got there.  Perhaps I won't move to the islands - there is a risk of island fever there...  But I am sure ready to plan another trip back there.  Even the coffee read it in our future:

We stayed in a small town called Haiku that was a few miles up the mountain from another small town called Paia.  Paia was a great place for shopping and there is a fabulous little jewelry store/studio called Studio 22K.  Beautiful work and space.  Definitely worth checking out.  I also really loved the laid-back vibe there.  And, some of you may be surprised at this - but the food there was SO FRIGGIN' GOOD.  The handful of restaurants there (we only ate at three of them) all used locally sourced produce, meat and dairy products.  There was a great grocery store that was akin to the infamous Rainbow Grocery in SF and of course, more great, little shops.  I'm gushing about it because I really had a lovely time and am ready to move there return for a visit soon!

Now, it's back to work on the mainland!

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