Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday's Meow-Mix

I still have a bad case of cat-envy.  I envy people who own cats.  I hate my allergies because they prevent me from having a cat.  If it was just sniffles, I can live with that.  But my cat allergies extend to breaking out in hives and asthma attacks...  So if it seems strange to you readers that I constantly post pictures of other-peoples-cats, it's because this is the closest to cat-dom I can get...

In any case - here is the first Monday's Meow-Mix in a long while!  Now, if I had this cat, I would end up not having any jewelry that I can make at my bench to post pictures of...  But, how absurdly cute is this?

via Digger and Cathy on Ganoksin's Bench Gallery

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