Tuesday, November 24, 2009

And All That Cushy Stuff...

In my dream house (yes, I do believe I will share tidbits of what it might be like), I would have a room dedicated to pillows and cushions and throws. I'm thinking of a soft, luxurious berber carpet- most likely a neutral, creamy white. There will be tons, TONS of pillows. All kinds. All different. All shapes. All sizes. Accompanying the pillows tossed about the room, will be low-standing coffee-tables, or rather, sturdy trays that will be used for keeping safe, that hot cup of tea or coffee or cocoa. There will be stacks of books throughout the room and beautiful, bright lighting. You can plop yourself anywhere down on the floor, prop up against some lovely pillows and read to your heart's content.

Again, that's why I call it a DREAM house...!!!

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