Thursday, November 19, 2009

Creating Some Zen...

This week has been a mixed bag. Mostly good. I took it off to work on some pieces for the Madrigalli Market Art Event this weekend. That was a good thing. Today however, there was a hiccup and my 9-to-5 required I call into a couple of meetings. That caused me to lose some momentum, what with getting on the call, having the computer up and running, checking emails, etc...

The good: my studio is just 1 mile from where I live. I walk to and from. It is HEAVENLY to NOT have to drive. I stop by a great little cafe- La Taza, in the Mission, to get a coffee and some breakfast and continue along my way, desperately trying not to spill all the delicious, liquid caffeine. I get into the studio, have a bite and start pulling my ideas into some sort of program and I start working. Music is playing and I am in a good place. I've started developing a sort of meditation when working on things that used to be loathsome, mundane and routine. I've been super productive, with both new pieces and some of my bread-and-butter items. My techniques have been improving and what used to feel like frustrating set-backs and failed experiments serve as learning steps, milestones, fun challenges.

The bad: well, today and the fact that the past few days, a whiff of depression has been creeping into my happy place. I've been hit with a lot of memories and images of my gramps- who has been gone now for several months. The surprise of his not being with us is still very fresh. And painful. My happy little week of working in the studio is also drawing to a close. I will surely miss the morning walk down to the studio, getting coffee on my way in, as well as the walks home.

But my 9-to-5 is waiting. It will be good to see my favorite girls in the office, too!

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