Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Love Me, Love My Jewelry.

Feeling a little lonely, in cyber-world and my little business world.  Having your own business is a lot harder than I bargained for, today.  I'm not complaining - there are no regrets for going down this path.  Every moment I work on a design or a jewelry order, I am thanking my husband and my lucky stars.  I'm starting to realize the huge, emotional component that comes along with an arts-based business and the tug-of-war between wanting to "make it big" and remaining true to your interests and instincts.  Lots of ideas and thoughts churning in what my husband likes to call - my "giant cabeza" (head).

Am I planning on making a million dollars?  No.  That number (is huge and sounds fun), has no real meaning in what I am doing right now.  But I would love to start having a "regular" paycheck again and feel like I'm contributing to my household, financially.

I'd also love to walk down the street and see more women wearing my pieces.  I love seeing something that I've made, resting on someone's neck.  Gives me a warm and cheery feeling.

So here are a few, newer pieces for you to love, people.  Enjoy them - I'll be growing a collection around them for 2011!

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