Monday, August 3, 2009

Sicky Sicky

I've been a sick girl these past several days.  In many of the dreams that came along with my feverish state, I dreamt of the beautiful moments in Kauai...

This was taken at a cool little beach (i can't remember where- i was the driver, not the navigator on that trip!).  You had to wade through that bit of water before reaching a lovely swimming beach.  That bit of water turned out to be somewhat treacherous though- with several fallen, dead and sunken trees and corresponding branches.  There was a ton of muck at the bottom too, from dead leaves and other bits of organic matter.  Were it not such a beautiful place, my imagination would have run-away with images of skeletal branchy hands rising from the murky detritus towards my ankles... 

Anyway- this picture definitely cheered me on through the flu this past weekend!  Hope you enjoy it too!

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