Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Musts and Lusts

The following items are what I must/lust to add to my studio.  I've been thinking of re-doing the place- sort of funny because I've had it for such a short while.  I currently have my beloved red, leather chaise (which I may need to give the boot).  It isn't however, the best use of space in a space-limited space!  I've been seeing all sorts of different workspace re-designs by many talented decorators and their cleverness have been quite inspiring.

Of course, if/when I get rid of the chaise, there will be no need for those pillows.  I just love the owl one, SO much.  It will need to find a place in my home!

Found these various great, space-saving pieces on CB2.  After several months of pondering, it makes sense to have the green go-cart to serve as a movable workspace, small enough to maneuver within the studio.  I like the stream-lined, architectural bookcase, which will be a great was of using vertical space for storing my many jewelry-making items and equipment.

Time to get working on that- one of many, many projects...

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