Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lust, Caution, EBay

I've "discovered" the joys and the pains of surfing EBay for all its digitally buried treasures.  My intention was to find some unique jewelry findings to incorporate into my designs.  Well, one thing led to another and, well, here we have it.

I am salivating for these vintage pieces below.

The first bracelet is by a Canadian designer, Robert Lari.  I adore the sculptural design.  It conjures (for me) images of ancient Mayan ruins paired with modern, organic shapes.  It's so multi-dimensional and ancient-y to me.

The second bracelet is from Finland, by an Erik Granit.  It's also a sterling silver piece with a very simple hook-closure at one side of the row of silver balls.  This little darling piece fills my head with all sorts of images- peas in a pod, silver pearls, phagocytosis, mitochondria and nuclei.  (oops- a little bit of left-brain spillage!).  And it's only (!!!) $500 something.  Holy moly!

And last (for this posting) but not least, this little owl pin is fabulous and adorable.  I don't wear pins.  Sometimes I think I should.  But I also know, that the probability of me stabbing myself at some point with it on my person is very high.  Perhaps that's why I've never even made much of an attempt to do so...  If I were a pin-person, I would bid for this little baby in a heart beat.

Well, I DID make a purchase and a bid for two items.  I'm excited to see it in person.  I've never purchased anything off of EBay before.  But I've heard wonderful things.  Perhaps next time, I'll be finding some of those finding I had intended on getting in the first place!

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