Monday, March 11, 2013

Because Real Men Wear Jewelry Too!

My hubby has in the past year or so started to wear jewelry - other than his wedding ring. He sticks with rings, mostly; interesting, cool and unique sterling silver pieces. We've collected a sweet, little assortment of interesting rings - from our travels all over. A couple from Germany, NYC, China, SF, Provincetown, etc. When people meet us and ask what we do and discover that I make jewelry, they always do the "look" to see what wares I'm displaying. They'll also check our my hubby's ring-of-the-day

And sadly, until now, I've always had to say that the rings he's got aren't mine.

Men like jewelry, too. I made this ring this past weekend - you know, when you have things you are supposed to do but would rather play. But, it turned out great! I love it! And better yet, hubby loves it!

Argentium sterling silver - hammered and annealed, several times over. I fused the ends overlapping a bit - for something different. I left most of the oxidation on - it seems to accent the texture of the ring better. The band is about 3/4" wide - which is pretty wide. But the entire piece is still light-weight and comfortable to wear.

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