Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Grandma's Stamp of Approval

I was raised by my paternal grandmother - an amazing woman who is a dizzying mix of traditional and non-traditional values. One of the many things she's instilled in me is a deep sense of responsibility and reliability.

So how did that girl, who got a degree in Biotechnology in three years and worked for a large pharmaceutical company for 10 years end up being a jewelry artist?

And just as important - how did GRAMS respond to this big change in career and fortune?

I have to admit something. I was a coward in the beginning. I told all my friends and of course, co-workers when I gave my notice. But I couldn't find the words to tell my Grams, much less the rest of the family. For 8 MONTHS. I'm not terribly close with the rest of the family, but I adore my Grams and abhor the thought of her being upset with anything I did. Eventually, I found out that the job I had quit was gotten rid of. But still, 8 MONTHS.

Eventually Grams and the rest of the family knew. And even though I received a damp-ering response from my Grams at the beginning, things started sorting out. Life started sorting out.

And just a few weeks ago, who showed up to see my jewelry table at the EVE! show? Grams. My darling, 85-year-old grandmother. And she liked what I was doing, my creations and goals. Of course, her old-world mentality still issues a lot of dire-warnings about my career, I think she understands. She even likes to critique my work and provide me with suggestions and ideas. (Of course, where do you think some of my artistic talent comes from???).

She even loved this piece from my M.I.S. collaboration line.

Huge *sigh* of happiness.

M.I.S Deer Pendant - painstakingly sawed out shapes
Bails are soldered on and the pieces are being pickled
A stack of finished pendants.

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