Tuesday, March 5, 2013

That's Right, It's Awesome!

Do many of you face self-doubt? I feel pretty certain that it is more common than is acknowledged. I am sure that it happens with artists, scientists, engineers, politicians (maybe not so much...), etc.

I have weird moments of self-doubt that can be about anything from my designs, to the making of my pieces, to how I write my blog. There have been some good discussions with my hubby though - and we both agree; self-doubt is NOT a good use of time + energy. As I am gearing up to participate in the EVE! event, I am reminding myself, yes, my work is awesome. I love it. And I am searching for other who will love it as well. And not everyone will - and that's okay. Because hey, it's all this diversity in life that makes it so exciting, don't you think?

All my pieces are inventoried and tagged - over 170 items, ready to find a happy home. Not it's time to pull together my table display and some confidence, to boot. That's right - my jewelry is awesome!

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