Monday, June 22, 2009

How Do You Like Your Eggs In The Morning?

I LOVE this. I LOVE eggs and I LOVE the idea of having your own little pretty hennies for laying them. Fresh. Everyday. I think this little contraption is pretty freakin' cool - your very own henhouse, ready to go (check out!

It seems like there is a continuing and steady progression for becoming more self-sufficient and conscientious of how and what we consume. Everyone's been talking- the economic crisis, prices of everything going up, poor health, etc., etc. For many people (and I admire them), that talk has turned into reality. A lot of people I know are into gardening and growing their own vegetables. People are frequenting farmer's markets more, to take advantage of fresh, locally produced produce (like yours truly).

There are more and more articles out in the information world about edible gardens being planted at schools, or the rising number of households keeping chickens in their backyards, or increased promotions of local gardens and farmer's markets. These all seem like small, drop in the bucket type of activities, but once YOU get involved, it can do wonders for YOU and YOUR family. And that's where it counts!


  1. Shirley - it's a portable egg dispenser - the new pez!