Friday, June 5, 2009

Random Pictures

Life is like a bowl of lychees...  Well, not really.  I'm actually kind of allergic to them.  But I love them.  I'm super picky about them.  Thing is with this fruit, is that the flavor can be just a tiny bit off and then it's gross.  It's not a delectable lychee anymore.  It becomes a slimy, sticky piece of blech.  Yuck.

However, what will never "go off" is this lovely plate on which these lychees are lucky enough to be resting on.  The shape of it is more organic than the fruit its hosting.  My friend Linda Fahey is first and foremost, an ARTIST.  She works with clay, glass, makes AMAZING mosaic pieces, paints, designs- well, simply put, she oozes creativity (check her out in my list of favorite blogs).  She makes some of the coolest things and surprise, surprise- art that can be incorporated into your daily routine as well.  These plates have a bright underside (no picture yet), each one is unique and completely fun to use.  I'm lucky to have met such a great artist and friend.

These little babies below will soon find themselves encased in some precious metal and if they're lucky, adorning some ladies with brilliant taste in jewelry.  They may look plain-jane to some of you right now, but each one will become a beauty in its own right.

Now as for this photograph, I couldn't resist.  My favorite boy caught this lovely image on digital film a couple of years ago.  I call it quintessential San Francisco.  Favorite boy's got a great eye and has a knack for picking up super engaging and sometimes intimate, images.  I felt compelled to share this- it's too good to miss.

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