Saturday, June 6, 2009

If At First You Don't Succeed....

So, I was working on a little post.  Had pictures posted- written a bunch of whimsical nothings and then Safari shut down and I lost it all.  Oh well.  No point in crying over vanished posts.

Maybe, I thought, that this was the computer/internet/www's way of saying they didn't like the topic?  It was just a short little chapter on coffee and chickens.  So anyway, just to play it safe, I thought I'd show you a couple of pictures of my little studio.

It is a small space.  I mean, SMALL.  But it is comfortable, inviting and lovely.  I'm on the fourth floor in the building and out of my window, is a view of the Castro Hills.  I have a door that shuts and locks, so I don't need to worry about my supplies, etc.  There is a little sink (with cold water only), which is extremely convenient for my work.  You are seeing a view of my jeweler's bench (which I adore) and I have an easel tucked behind that against the wall.

This is my little art wall for inspiration.  Some of my favorite little pieces are hung up such that when I look up from my bench work, I can see some of the simple things that make me happy.  Btw, the mirror isn't a reflection of narcissism.  The sink is right below it and it's helpful for me to "test" my freshly finished pieces and have a mirror to help critique it.

As for this little jewel of a brush- it's a brass brush and it's a jewelry maker's best friend.  It has always amazed me how it cleans a piece of metal that you've just torched or dumped into kool-aid.

That's it for now.  Hope you all are having a good Saturday!

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