Wednesday, June 3, 2009

There's Always a First...

I guess there should be a first for everything- at least everything that YOU are interested in doing.  Honestly, I would have never guessed that having a blog would be something that would be of interest to me (i think that might be because i HATE doing anything remotely complex, in relation to computer and the internet).

As you might be able to tell from the title, JEWELRY is something that I am greatly interested in and I have been making it for about 6 years now.  My work has evolved quite a bit. A goal of mine (for the past few years) is to actually photograph the jewelry that I make so that people can see them.  And then to get my website going and find those special little boutiques that I would want carrying my work and find international fame.  Hahaha.  One can dream.

Art is another generic term for what I enjoy in life and what I spend a good amount of my day thinking about.  Colors, music, movement, paintings, people, nature, destruction, construction are all examples of "art" to me

And last but not least, my right brain.  Oh, it seems like that part of me is forever stuck in its terrible two's - so, SO hard to keep reigned in and therefore you must keep it busy and attempt to keep it happy.

So, that's it for my first time.  Hope to give you more good reads!

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