Thursday, June 4, 2009

On A Roll

So, believe it or not, I've actually started taking some pictures today.  Of jewelry.  I feel like, this may lead into my jewelry website actually being created at some point in the near future as well...

So, this first piece is part of an upcoming line called "Force of Nature" (a clever name created by my favorite boy).  I "__________" the ocean.  There's no one way I am able to describe how I feel about it, what I think about it.  And it has recently been a great source of peace and inspiration.  I love beach-combing and can spend hours looking in the sand for a piece of treasure.

In the Force of Nature series, I attempt to express how I feel about the ocean via a piece of jewelry.  The beach stone- tumbled and tortured by the ocean waves and sand, is encased in a silver setting.  The lines of the piece are organic- rough, flat, smooth, curved.  I used a bezeler to "draw" lines into the silver, creating a starburst effect around the stone.  I created a chain that expresses the beauty that comes from rough treatment (cutting, hammering, sanding, firing).  It's left slightly darkened and oxidized.  Btw, the white/ivory colored swirl on the top of the stone is actually some remnant of a fossilized shell.  Cool, huh?

Check back in for the "Starry Eyed Surprise" series!

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